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Roy Nakano, Director for Facilities


Universal Studios Hollywood has visitors from all parts of the United States and the world. Our mission has always been to deliver a world-class experience to every guest and enters our gates. From entertainment to food service, our number one goal is always guest satisfaction. In order for the Food Service department to provide the best service to our guests, our operators must deliver quality food everyday. As the Director of Facilities for Food and Retail, our department’s task is to provide the food operators with the proper facilities and equipment. This can be an arduous task, with ever-changing menus, adhering to budgets, demanding schedules, and meeting the needs of the various food operations. Since every venue on our lot is different, therefore their equipment needs are also different. Having a kitchen equipment supplier that understands our needs, that can deliver when we need it, and at a good price, is very important to our business.

Action Sales has been our food equipment provider of choice. From pricing to service, Action Sales has always delivered the best. Ordering custom equipment through Action Sales has never been a problem. Mona Lau s thorough in verifying specifications and makes sure that we get what we need.

One of the biggest benefits of Action Sales is that they stock a wide range of every type of kitchen equipment. Since we are open 365 days a year, we never know when we will encounter a problem. There have been a few instances we’ve had equipment go down on a Friday and by Saturday morning Action Sale’s truck has already delivered the needed equipment.

For new construction and remodels, Action Sales always delivered on time.

In a fast-paced entertainment industry where price and service is so vital, it is great to know that Action Sales is there to assist us with all our needs.

Action Sales has been committed to providing outstanding service and support to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Our relationship with Universal Studios Hollywood has grown tremendously during our prosperous time working together in Southern California. We supply more than 25 dining options in the park with high-quality equipment and supplies that serves visitors worldwide 365 days a year.

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