Pieology Pizzeria

Celebrating creativity that brings people together.

Stanley Poon, Master Franchisee


Action Sales has been our preferred vendor for our restaurant equipment and smallware needs since the inception of our company. As Pieology Pizzeria franchisees we opened nine locations within three years with the help of Action Sales.

The professionalism and integrity of the staff are unmatched. From competitive pricing to sourcing special order items and opening accounts with vendors just for us, Action Sales has shown that they will do everything and anything to help us tackle the obstacles we face.

I personally would like to take this chance to say thank you to Action Sales and specifically Paul, Richard, and Vince for always being available to service our needs. I can honestly say we would not be where we are today without your help.

We are committed to providing outstanding service and support to Pieology Pizzeria.

We are proud to support the growth and success of Pieology Pizzeria’s mission to celebrate creativity, connection, and sharing of quality food and experiences. Just like their pizzas, we are responsible for making sure that their equipment is customized exactly to their specifications.

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