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Charlie Hwang, Asset General Manager


On behalf of H Mart, I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recognition for Mr. Raymond Lee. H Mart is now over 50 stores over the States and 13 stores for western region. I have been working with Mr. Lee regarding equipment for new project stores and existing stores. Each stores is mostly over 40,000 Sq. Ft. and need so many different equipment. He conducted himself in a professional and devoted manner, maintained good relationships and was very enthusiastic in helping us. He showed a high level of competence and understanding of restaurant equipment.

Every time we are looking for some new equipment, Mr. Lee recommend us the reasonable price and competitive performance. This really help us a lot and make the process quick. Mr. Lee did a superb job in helping us chose the best equipment that fitted our need and budget. He constantly followed up to ensure everything is working like the way they should. I can say that I am greatly satisfied with all the purchases from Action Sales. I am doing that and will recommend Mr. Lee to others that he is the best and trustworthy equipment specialist ever in California.

In the event that H Mart opens new store, I would definitely again choose Mr. Lee to assist us with the equipment due to his inquisitive personality as well as his determination to get things done correctly.

We are committed to providing outstanding service and support to H Mart.

We worked to provide the best equipment and support to help them bring their market.

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