Dog Haus

From operations to construction, and every phase of Dog Haus’s extraordinary growth, we have been right by their side.

Abe Injeian, Construction & Development


I was first introduced to Action Sales in mid-2010. Our brand and concept were new and we were experiencing rapid growth. My involvement with our brand has covered everything from operations to construction and with every phase of our development Action Sales has been right by our side.

Carter, Danny, and Peter have been instrumental in making our store opening process much smoother. They have even made the effort to be present during our franchise in-store training just to make sure they have a detailed understanding of what we’re doing.

Our company takes customer service very seriously and the fact that Action Sales takes it just as seriously is a huge factor in our relationship. I have never encountered one employee at Action Sales who does not make a profound effort to deliver the best customer service possible. To top it off their pricing is extremely competitive which makes this such a great package deal to use. I look forward to many more years of working with the team at Action Sales.

Action Sales has been committed to providing outstanding service and support to facilitate the growth of Dog Haus.

Our relationship with Dog Haus has been an extremely satisfying one as we’ve seen their business take off after starting in 2010 in California. We are proud to continue to support their businesses behind the scenes as they continue to garner national attention for their one of a kind hot dog eating experience.
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